House Rules

( and other club etiquette )

Rule 1

You must be 21 years of age or older to enter this space. If asked, you must be able to verify your age.

Rule 2

Undercroft is a members-only Social Club. Non-members are welcome with a One-Day Pass, or as authorized guests of a member.

You are responsible for your guests.

Rule 3

Settle any duels, feuds, disagreements, and boisterous arguments outside.
Fighting will not be tolerated.

Rule 4

Do not engage in running, sport, or horseplay in this space.

Rule 5

Do not smoke, vape, or dip in this space. Any type of open flame is prohibited.

Rule 6

Mind your surroundings so as to not injure yourself or other patrons.

Rule 7

Mind your mess; we pride ourselves on a cleanly establishment.

Rule 8

Try to be amenable to other patrons and treat others respectfully. Offensive or harassing speech or actions will not be tolerated.

Rule 9

Respect other patrons' property. Soliciting, panhandling, begging, harassing, and taking from others without asking will not be tolerated.

By entering this space, you agree to follow these house rules.
If the house finds you in violation of any of these rules, you may be asked to leave.

Other Club Etiquette

Undercroft Social Club is not a bar, but we do employ the services of a bartender/host to mix cocktails, provide service, and maintain the atmosphere that you enjoy. As such, we do not charge patrons for drinks.

HOWEVER, if service is provided, it is customary to tip the bartender.


Please do not put your shoes on the furniture.

We are fortunate to enjoy the patronage of people from all walks of life, and we embrace the richness this diversity brings to our establishment. We ask you to keep in mind that each other patron has come to the establishment for the same reason you have: to relax and have a good time.

Please treat others with respect and civility.

Undercroft Social Club is made possible by membership subscriptions from patrons like you. Your membership is the lifeblood of our establishment. So, if you like what we’re doing, please encourage your friends to also join as members.

If you have questions, concerns, or recommendations, please contact us via the number below. We are absolutely willing to listen to feedback from current and prospective members about how to improve upon our space.