About Us


Bring a friend, or a few, or cultivate new relationship in a setting designed to facilitate rich conversation and connection. Members are granted access Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m., and can additionally use the space Thursday through Saturday during Cultivate 7Twelve's open hours (10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m).


This private space was designed with details in mind—a built-in custom velvet couch, a bar made from Keaton Bakery's original flour mixer and a music table repurposed from the bakery's original dough sheeter. We also added a long bar for seating and marble tables as a nod to the 20s.


Ms. Keaton's Bakery, which operated out of 712 Austin Ave. from 1917 to 1972, was a Waco landmark, famous for its maple caramel cream puffs. The undercroft basement was where the artisans would dream up new delicacies and how to create them. When you walk down into the room you can imagine the conversations, dreams and laughter that took place there over freshly baking dough and the smell of sugar frosting. Now that rich history is yours to enjoy.


It's the people and the memories we make here that create the fabric of this place. Cultivate 7Twelve's undercroft is a social club, and access to the space is available to members and their guests only. This status as a private space is important for two reasons. First, it allows us to cultivate connection and provides a way for us to meet your expectations for your time here (e.g. never overcrowded). Second, you will notice when you arrive that the space's architecture is atypical—In order to retain the historic nature of the space and still enable members to make it their own, the space must remain private. undercroft additionally cannot be legally occupied as a public venue, so we must operate as a private venue.

Getting into Undercroft

After 7:30, Cultivate 7Twelve is often closed for the evening. That’s when you have to be in the know to get to Undercroft Social Club. Access is available from the alley adjacent to the Hippodrome Parking Lot (corner of 8th and Franklin). You will know it by our patio with a big beautiful mural, market lights, and a seating area. Follow the map below for more details.