One Day / Guest Pass

$15.00 each

A ONE DAY PASS grants you access to the Undercroft Social Club for one day. This pass can be used immediately, or can be saved as a gift, or perhaps for a rainy day.

The Fine Print

One-Day Pass / Guest Pass Terms:

  • A pass grants one person access to Undercroft Social Club for 1 calendar day during Club operating hours.
  • Applicants for one-day passes and guest passes must be at least 21 years of age.
  • This Agreement is personal to the member and may not be assigned, transferred or otherwise disposed of by the member.

Automatic Payment Agreement:

  • One-Day Pass / Guest Pass payments shall be made in advance by direct debit from the applicant’s designated credit/debit account. This information will be kept on file by Undercroft Social Club.

Termination or Refusal of Pass Application:

  • Undercroft Social Club reserves the right at any time to cancel or suspend the membership of any member or application of any pass in the event of the following:
    • The member commits a breach of this Agreement and/or Undercroft Social Club Rules and Regulations.
    • Where any monies are due to Undercroft Social Club by the applicant remain unpaid
    • The applicant knowingly provides false details when applying for a pass and the false declaration would have reasonably affected Undercroft Social Club’s decision to grant the pass.
    • If Undercroft Social Club terminates a pass application for any reason, the Club reserves the right to retain any monies received to cover any reasonable costs which have incurred as a result.